Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Free $3 Gift Card

Bing is offering NEW Bing Rewards members a FREE $3 Gift Card! So dont miss out on this.. and while your there you can earn more rewards for just searching the web like you usually do.After you sign up it will bring you to a welcome to bing rewards page scroll down and you will see it say redeem your sign up bonus and follow directions.. BAM free!!!! 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

My Freebie Haul from Aug-Sept

Im sure we can all agree how much we love freebies?!! I am always on the prowl to find them.Below is a picture of the most recent ones I have gotten over the past few months.Its a little less then usual but I wont complain..I also did not include My magazines in this one.I however do recieve Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan,Family Circle,and Seventeen magazines right now monthly for free for a year!!!!

sweet huh? Below I will list the websites I go to so you may also go find your own freebie treasures! They all will open in a seperate window.

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Raining Hot Coupons

Enjoy !

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Birch Box Review

Oh how I love my Birch Box each month..This month was pretty good as well.I recieved some amazing products.However I was a little dissapointed in the Foil packs of the Ol/ conditioner and Ol/ all in one milk treatment ..I have wavy long thick hair so this was not enough to even try it..But hey some you win some you lose.

My favorite was the Pixi Lip Balm stick ..I love Pixi stuff and it feels great and stays on a long time. Viva La Juicy is my love of all loves in this box,yes only a small spray sample but I have gotten 5 days worth out of this so far and have maybe 3 more left .I Will most definitly be buying this off Birchbox next month with my accumilated points I will have $30 to spend in birchbox money to get this..OOOO cant wait! 

Birchbox is only $10 a month and its soo worth every penny.I have not yet one complaint and thier customer service is should check it out,it gives you great samples to try that you may not otherwise know about or try because maybe your afraid of the prices of a new product..This way it gives you the you can See I recieved a few full size ish products so I more then got my $10 worth out of this monthly subscription box..If your interested CLICK HERE Fore more information.. What do you have to lose,and you can cancel anytime!!!!! 


Friday, September 12, 2014

September PetBox Review

I Recently saw a deal on groupon for the subscription box PetBox for steal of $11.99 for just 1 month non recurring deluxe box usually for the deluxe box its $19.95.So as much as I love subscription boxes and have become addicted lol,I decided to try this one out of my fur baby Chopper. It took about 10 days to receive the box once I paid and signed up.This was not in anyway given to me or asked of me to review this box.This is my full 100% opinion and I was not given any incentive for this.

My favorite thing with PetBox is that you can either choose your samples/items your receive in your box,or you can choose to be surprised so I chose to be surprised.This box can be for Dogs or Cats. This is what I received with my $11.99 but remember usual rate per month is 19.95 for this box.I just happened to stumble upon a great deal through groupon for this box.You also have the choice of a smaller box at 9.95 and it goes up to 59.95 a month the more the better obviously and the more awesome things you will receive.But being on a budget for me keeps me in the lower end of things at the moment.

 As you can seen below my dog got a hold of the Buffalo rawhide before I could get a picture of it in the box lol,I took a picture of him with it.He loves it!!!! I love the fact that everything is all natural.I can read everything perfectly fine and understand all the ingredients to what they are.

So the question is it worth it.Yes I think so,I received a full size bag of 100% natural chicken treats,and rawhide including that beautiful pouch to take a long on walks or what ever you need to bring food and water for your furry friend which I know alone cost about $8 or more for one of them nifty things.I really enjoyed opening this and sharing it with my baby as you can see he very much loves it as well. Will I buy this again? Certainly I will,It was worth the money to me.However I'm not sure I would like the $9.95 box as it only comes with 1 full size item and a small sample,so the bigger the cost the better the outcome of your box will be.

If you interested you can check out their website @ PetBox