Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mary Kay VoxBox

I just love my Mary Kay VoxBox from Influenster!!!  Here is a picture of my box below of all my awesome lovley new mary Kay products to try.

I received Bronzer powder..Love Love !! It gave me a natural glow and no orangy pigments left  on my face! Huge plus...You can buy this for about $18,and I must say well worth the buy because you dont need a lot and it will last anyone a while if they use it right! Next up Lash Love Mascara and Mango Tango Lip gloss..Ok so must I say sorry was not a fan of the Mascara although it stayed on all day it just was and is not for me,it didnt give me the volume I like but it worked and there were no clumping going on so thats a major plus in my world..Will I use it again you ask? Sure I will but I will use it for more to tone down my look..The mascara cost around $15 and the lip gloss was amazing too I love all lip gloss so no bad things to say there however it is $14 and well sorry but thats a little pricey for my pocket for lipgloss..I will wear it again but really lip gloss comes right off there is no staynig on for too long all of us ladies here know this!But its a great bonus ...My favorite of all time from my #MKGlam  box was the Gel Eyeliner and Translucent loose powder to help with that awful shine us ladies tend to get sometimes!!!! The gel eyeliner is amazing it glides on so easy and smooth and lasts ALL day!!!!! I also really enjoyed my mineral cheek color shy blush and the apricot cream eye color with the brush to apply with and the blush brush too, I have not been much a fan of the cream eye shadow in the past but with the right one its amazing and Mary Kay makes it soooo enjoyable and easy..I enjoyed using Mary Kay products for the first time in a long time . My face did not feel gunky when using products,I actually felt like I had no makeup on what so ever! I am really amazed with thier products and in the future will use again.The only con to makeup is the $ it cost, but you will get that anywhere. Like I always will say you get what you pay for and in most cases this is true!!! I will continue to use up my Mary Kay products and will probably soon be ordering more myself...Thank you to Influenster for allowing me to try these products to review!!!!!!