Friday, May 16, 2014

My Luna For You Subscription May Box

So I decided a week ago to sign up for Luna For you makeup Subscription box .It is 9.99 a month and you recieve cosmetic products and usually are either full size of Deluxe sample size. I was so excited because I didnt know what I was getting and I mean who dont love a good suprise box!? This is what I recieved this month and I couldnt be happier,I love all my products I recieved and mostly all of them were full size except for I believe the mascara I recieved from Pop beauty cosmetics Which retails usually for $18.50 so if I divide that I would say I recieved a $9.25 product !! Yea wow and thats just the first product and Im already pretty much got something for what I paid for from Luna For You  ..Here below is the best pic I could get at the moment as we are moving and everything is not in its place  It also does come in this cute little box with a bow tied on it however I already ripped it open I couldnt wait!!!! 

With Luna For You , you recieve roughly 5 items a month in each box...Im already in love..Next item next to the Pop mascara is the Button Your Lip ultra lip gloss by Hard Candy retail is $8.00 with the lip liner that comes with it as well so roughly $4.00 each as you can see the pink lip liner in there that also came with my box that usually is paired with the lipgloss by Hard Candy ...Next we have by Essence a eyebrow designed in the shade of light brown with a cute little brow brush attached with it,this retails for $1.99 and last Wet N Wild Perfect Pair eye wand I got the smoke Lilac love love!! this retails for $3.99 but on sale at walgreens for $2.99 right now..Totaling this bag that I only paid $9.99 for at $23.23 Now if that is not worth it I dont what is,but I think it is well worth and I am excited for next months box already from Luna For You...I cannot wait to try these products out and add to my collection..If yourself is interested feel free to jump on over and hurry though Luna For You  subscriptions go fast I believe.I do not get credit for sending you there or anything this is simply just a suggestion.It is a monthly subscription I signed up for on my own and wanted to share ..In my opinion I think this is definitley worth it and I will most likley keep my subscription around for months to come!!!Again sorry for the pictures being on top of jeans lol but it was the only way I could get them to come out as good with my camera and its a gloomy day besides the moving part of my days as were putting in a new house this month..I will be sharing each Luna for you box each month so come on by next time too see what comes in the mail next!!! You can also check Luna For You out onOh and did i forget to mention all of these products were FULL SIZE except for the mascara I believe.Facebook  

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I found this amazing freebie today and just have to share!!! Its from Disney...If you head on over you can build your own Disney Family Decal sticker for you car or wherever you may want to place it and It is totally free including shipping !!! How amazing is that!!! Below is a sample of the one I created..How cute..I cannot wait to get this!!!! This is limited to one per household.. Click Here to head on over and create your own! The only thing that stinks is it did take a few to load the page so I had to be patient but it was worth it!! I think they are probably being slammed with this,because what a great offer!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I recieved Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen to try from Bzzagent!!! I can say so far I am impressed.I recieved a full size lotion and 2 trial size spray on included with sample size lotions to give to friends to try as well.. I Love Coppertone but never have I tried any of the spray on sunscreens before so of course that was my first pick when going to apply my sunscreen for the day. You can see below exactly how it sprayed onto my arm! Streak free,instantly dried and no residue left behind or any greasy feeling at all!!! I was amazed that I did not have to rub it in or anything,just spray and go!!! Coppertone is my new best friend on the spray for sure.

I am looking foward to a life long bond with Coppertone and thier products..I am actually very impressed the lotion I rubbed in as well to test out and it is not greasy at all and a little actually goes a long way!!!! I would reccomend this to any of my friends or family and may I suggest as a reminder do not forget to use sunblock this upcoming summer it saves lives!!!!

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