Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Luna For You June bag!!!

Luna for you is a montlhy subscription for $9.99 that you recieve 4-6 beauty products each month !! Its amazing..I have loved each bag and will continue to keep signed up each month!!! Here is what I recieved for June!!!! 

I recieved SMH lipgloss suite 7 it is a very pretty pink and very light color..I love how smoothly it goes on.Next is by Tarte it is a clay corrective wand Im assuming like a cover up/corrective lol..I havent tried it yet I may give it away..

As you can see I also recieved that pretty pink Nail Polish says the color is Pink Pastel by Nabi..I cannot wait to try that out.I would have already but My nails have polish on them right now until I get bord of it then this will be my next color! 

The final 2 items are a blush by orlamix which I have never herd of but its a pretty shade and looks to be like a mineral powder and then also an eyeshadow in the color Blue Moon Beach..

For all this I paid $9.99 and I roughly recieved about $20 in products or more,I couldnt find some things to price out but it was all worth the $ spent for sure!!!! if you would like head on over to Luna for you  and sign up for July's box,but dont wait tooo long they go fast!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I am so loving my new vox box I received full of goodies from influenster . Below is a picture of what I received!!I have received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

I received Olay Regnerist Luminous Tone Perfection Cream that retails for $30.99 I been using it now for about 3 days and I can say I am in love.It feels so silky going on and leaves my face feeling sooo soft.In just 3 days I have noticed a great difference in my skin tone and skin alone that I am excited for the 8 week results.I will try to update you next month on how it is doing for me! It supposed to help fade the look of dark spots in 8 weeks! we shall see!! You don't need much at all when applying so a little goes a long way with this cream and so worth the money to spend on it.

I also received Tide to go which I have yet not tried but I love tide products they always are quality products and never have let me down.

Above you can see the Blue nail polish I received from Sally Hansen its the complete salon manicure nail polish it provides a top coat,chip resistance strengthener,growth treatment and gel finish.I love the brush on this its pretty different from many of the polishes you receive it has a flatter brush making it much easier to apply.I am not a real fan of the color but I did try it and well it definitely has a glossy top coat finish and gel feeling and the strenghtner however it wasn't very chip resistance and started peeling in 3 days and it states it supposed to be great up to 10 days but that's OK I still like it.This nail polish however does require about 2-3 coats at least for me.The color I got is #360 Barracuda..I definitely think I will buy this again in the future but a different color.The retail is $7.99 so it is kinda on the pricier side of the nail polish world.below I included a picture of my nails done in it,It was only 2 coats afterwards I did apply another coat and it seemed to look better.My nails are slowing growing again so please don't mind my short nails,I tend to have a hard time growing them decent without cracking or breaking.

NEXT,I have is a Ecotools pure complexion sponge that is eco friendly it says its handmade with 100% natural ingredients. I been using this daily to wash my face before applying my Olay cream and it for sure is amazing and leaves my face feeling very clean and fresh,It would be great for sensitive skin!!! it retails for $5.99 but so worth the buy for the fresh scrub feeling it leaves .I actually feel like I got all the dirt off my face at the end of the day! 

Pure Silk Shave Cream was also included in this VOWVOXBOX.I have used this before and its one of my regular favorite brands of shaving cream to use and the SRP is only $1.49 most times I can find a coupon for this and get it for less and it works very well I have never been disappointed! 

One of the final things I did receive as well was a 50% off voucher towards Riley & Greys wedding website.I haven't really figured it out yet but it looks like a place to set up a wedding website to help you on your special day,includes organizing guests addresses and collecting RSVPs I'm still exploring the site but I'm not finding it to be easy to figure out exactly what they offer to the brides to be and weddings?? The site itself is very inviting it says that it supposed to help you craft your own unique wedding website.Not sure I will use this but I am feeling it out.

I have been very excited using the items I received and will continue to do so at a fun rate!!!!! I love my influenster and being able to try out new products to share and review with family friends and my Internet friends...

please do remember these are my opinions though and you may have your own results using any of these products mentioned,this is solely my opinion I have of my own and others may have other views opinion and results.

If you are interested in finding more about influenster please let me know you all I need is your email to send the invite and Ill be happy to do so!

Thank you !