Thursday, July 17, 2014

Julys Monthly Subscription Reviews LUNA FOR YOU VS IPSY

This is  what I recieved .I priced it out here is the break down for you guys.. That bag that my stuff is on is actually an ipsy bag not from luna! I had to have something to set it on so picture would come out good. anyways heres the pricing 
Stila Eyeshadow duo $5.99
Wet N Wild Bronzer $2.99
Hard Candy Shadow Stick $6
Essence mini lip gloss $1.33
Wet N Wild Eyeliner pencil $.50
Pop Beauty eye liner $2.00 
It comes out to be $18.81 
and I paid 9.99 for the monthly bag. I dont think thats bad at all for what you paid for. I noticed some others recieved different items this month.Some Are dissapointed and Im really sorry to see and hear all that. I hope Luna will make it all up to Them..I do believe this may be my last bag not because its no good but for other reasons as well Im going to take a break.I also do ipsy and a few others that I really enjoy and will be keeping them for now but I am taking a break from Luna not all bad just a little dissapointed.Luna has not yet dissapointed me yet,however packaging needs to be better and upgraded /billing and website are very unfriendly and I have come acorss issues for the billing each month and its more a hassle then anything right now,and they are working on it and a few small other things and tweeks.I m not 100% thrilled with my bag but im NOT UNHAPPY you get what you pay for.I recieved and got my moneys worth just seems a little cheapy this month with WET N WILD brands which dont work well with me and Im not a fan at all of this brand.its ok Ill give to a friend.Im going to try other subscription boxes and see what else there is out there.

Ipsy has become one of my favorite Makeup/Beauty subscription bags they never fail to amaze me with fresh new products and thing I have never even herd of or tried..Best part is that its not always makeup!

Here is the breakdown Value



Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm $14  and I recieved the full size item

Sunkissed Bronzer by Pop Beauty full size recieved $10

Soy Renewal Beach Spray Conditioning & Texturizing Spray 1.7oz roughly is $8 fullsize 5oz bottle retails for $19.95

For a total of $37 that does not include the actual cute pink makeup bag I recieved with all the items as well which probably retails for an additional $5-$10  and I only paid $9.99 for the Ipsy bag..Amazing and I love all the products they sent me.I will definitley use the bronzer.I was excited to get this specially in full size because I was running out of mine I have already.So winner for me. I also tried the Lip Balm it feels so soft on my lips and is very pretty to wear as casual too..

if your interested click subscribe  with my link I would love to see you on board its only 9.99 a month

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tide To Go Review

My Tide To Go,I recieved from influenster is a life saver.Its amazing stain remover has saved me while im out dining with family and I accidentally spill something on my shirt or pants.It definitly does its job the stains come off immieditley! I have used it on spilt wine on my pants and it came out fast and with ease and saved my $60 good pair of jeans. I would definitley reccomend to any friends or family of mine to use this product.I myself carry it around in my purse indefinitley.You never know where you may need that stain life saver ! Thank You Tide !

I  received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.All opinions are my own .

Bear Den